Zu Soul Reviewers List

Zu Soul Superfly edition is off and running, with demand overwhelming production, at least for the time being. Nevertheless we know the vast majority of music and gear junkies, ourselves included, are interested to know what the review professional's think of it. So here's the list of reviewers that have contacted us and qualify for review samples:

Steve Guttenberg (cnet | Tone | Audiophilliac | Stereophile)
Thad (Hi-Fi Reader)
Art Dudely (Stereophile)
Srajan (6moons.com)
Sam Tellig (Stereophile)
Hi-Fi World
Jeff Day (Positive Feedback)

(In order of interest expressed)

Each will be loaned a new pair of production Soul Superfly speakers. We expect to be up to speed with customer orders by mid June and with that we can then ship out the half dozen reviewer pairs.
Sean CaseyComment