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Zu Mission Cable Collection | Now shipping
Please head on over to ZuAudio.com for the main details. Mission is going to redefine what is possible for value based high-end hi-fi.

Here's an email exchange we had just today from Todd Coleman, a fairly new Zu customer I talked into Mission a month or so ago.www.zuaudio.com

"...I was playing with ICs earlier this week. I’ve been using the Mission ICs throughout most of my system. The only spot I don’t use them is between pre and amps, since they are monos. I use a set of Audience au24e that I’ve owned for awhile – good bang for the buck cable in its own right.

Anyway, like any self respecting audio nut job, I have a smattering of ICs in a big plastic tub—a veritable rats nest really. I tried a few other cables between my CDP and pre, wondering what the difference compared to the mission might be. A few that come to mind are the Jena pathfinder, another audience set, cardas golden reference, and a couple others. To my ears the mission was clearly the best.

You are onto something with this cable. What’s the secret? I’m not really expecting you to divulge secrets, but I would love a general description of what makes this cable so good. Is it copper or silver? Must be absolutely tiny gauge. Solid core or stranded?

Have other people been as impressed as me? How are you going to sell your more expensive cables once these hit the streets?" —Todd Coleman

"That's great news, thanks for the feedback. We just went live with Mission on the site, and if it's not a problem I would love to use this quote, no email link of course; if not that's fine to, really.

And, if you would like to give it a go, we now have a process in place that allows us to make the long leadouts required for monoblock applications. Just let me know the total length needed and the distance between the monos. Can get it together and ship out just a few days later.

The main reason for the high performance of Mission is the electrodynamics model. It uses a combination of technologies, ours, as well as pioneering work done by Gore for high speed, wide bandwidth two channel military applications. The combined technologies ensure that the two channels are identical, something that discrete runs cannot do. The two channels are invisible to each other, yet share the same dielectric space, which is to say they pass through the same physical space. This has several benefits: RF noise in managed at the root, left / right channels are always mirrored, left / right channels have half the per channel parallel capacitance for the same conductance and inductance. This makes for a cable that provides better stereo performance, better resolution of all details, and can be ran for long runs and in noisy RF environments.

And not stopping there, we also made the insulation material identical on all circuits, no color difference, which really does influence tone. And on insulation, it's US made virgin white Teflon--also a good thing. Conductor on Mission RCA and XLR is a somewhat large gauge (for line-level standards) mostly copper silver alloy, in a perfect lay low strand count. External shield, to ensure no RF infiltration to signal, is a high magnitude braided copper with tin platting, nothing to exotic there but it works.

And yes, the reports from early users and beta is awesome, and they are all saying the same thing. I don't think there is another cable that can do what Mission does for stereophonic and holistic resolution.

Thanks for taking the time Todd, hope it's a go on the quote. —Sean Casey

"Yes, use my comments in any way you wish! Thanks for the explanation. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with measurements so we can replace the audience." —TC

Thanks for quote permission. Excited to see how the system behaves all Missioned up." —SC

"I am excited to see to. The difference was not subtle. I think you are onto something revolutionary. And I don't make those statements lightly. I am jaded. After I put the missions back in I had to switch back a couple times to make sure what I was hearing.

My mono amps staddle my 3 wide rack. Would recommend moving the side by side to reduce the separate length, or does it matter?..."
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