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The Zu and and logo, and its use as a trademark for audio related products is copyright © 2000—2013 by Zu Cable Incorporated, DBA Zu Audio. Zu Cable, Zu Audio, Zu Loudspeakers, Zu Custom, Zu Pro, have been marketed and considered variations of the same trademark. Any marketing use of the word Zu within the audio industry is regarded as trademark infringement. Zu and Zu Moto are also held as trade names and marks within the motorcycle industry.

Property Credits

Significant graphic design and photography.
Significant copy contribution by Simon Matanle and Phil Ressler.
 "We're only here for the music" contributed by Simon Matanle.
Zu Man Walking image design by Dallas Casey.
Zu Griewe acoustic technology contribution by the late Ron Griewe.

And finally the music—we thank all who are and have created, captured, engineered, marketed, distributed and managed these sonic works of art that bring us so much pleasure. And while we have room to improve, Zu strives to give proper credit to all artists, musicians, labels... when demonstrating its products. If you find or trade music that you profit from or enjoy, please OWN IT, and support the folks and industry that bring so much of this art to our lives.

Zu's Unsolicited Idea Policy

Neither Zu, nor any of its employees accept or consider unsolicited ideas including ideas of technology, product design, advertising, promotion, names or marketing. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas or works. The reason for this policy is to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.

We do of course welcome your feedback on how we can improve our business. Please send your comments and criticism to info@zuaudio.com. Your feedback will be confidential and will not be used publicly without your permission.