Capital Audiofest 2017—A Look Back

The drive from Ogden, Utah to Washington, DC according to Maps is thirty hours of non-stop driving, 2100 miles. Driving has it’s advantages, the biggest of which is you can put shit off until the vary last minute. You are also very nearly guaranteed to have all your stuff arrive, and damage free, assuming it’s packed to crash and that you don’t actually crash. By now we Zu Audio factotums count ourselves as highly skilled and disciplined amateur drivers, and hi-fi show sound, stage and lighting pros. But this really isn’t about the show, it’s about the bookends and the time between show hours and how we make our choices

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Sean CaseyCapital Audiofest
Zu Selects XMission & Squarespace

Zu and XMission are two peas in a pod. Two Utah based companies going against the grain in the industries that they do business in while keeping a real, positive and personal attitude.  Do yourself a favor and check out XMission; tell your friends, like them on Facebook, or sign up. 

Squarespace is another company worth acknowledging that Zu recently switched to for webhosting. Squarespace is a New York based firm with a team that is concentrated on taking care of their customers and

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California Audio Show / SF

Last week we were at the California Audio Show (San Francisco, the airport not really the city). A great show hosted by Dagogo. Fun show, busy room, made some new friends, introduced a lot of new music and some gear. We showed for the first time our new Druid Mk.V speaker and the Submission subwoofer. We also introduced the Soul Supreme which

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Afrika Rotten & Bill

My brother Dallas has inspired me in many ways and I don’t use the word inspired without heavy consideration, in fact this may be the second or third time I’ve used it. Musically he is way more accomplished and astute, he’s after all the real DJ I just pretend to be one at hi-fi shows.

Growing up I was really into Public Image Ltd, as well as all the punk and early metal that came before and after First Edition. And yes, I really did

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Zu Audio + Xact Audio, RMAF 2012

"You know the slinky hi-hat, the funky wah, the groovy bass line; the slow-building horns, the deep voice, the suggestive lyrics: Who’s the black private dick / That’s a sex machine to all the chicks? / (Shaft!) / Daaaamn right… There was a party going on in the Xact Audio room. It seems there’s always a party going on when Zu Audio loudspeakers are involved. The system:


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