Zu Soul


There will be two versions: standard and Superfly. Standard is $1,800 / pair. Superfly is $2,600 / pair.

Details are coming to ZuAudio.com shortly.... Excited? Yeah. It's awesome.

Zu Soul is a high-efficiency and high-output loudspeaker, able to deliver emotionally compelling playback of all musical expressions, from modest or perfectionist sources and amps. It’s just over 3’ tall and takes up just one square foot of floor space. Soul’s performance surpasses our legendary Druid in all respects, for about half the price. Zu Soul satisfies the need for kick-ass performance within a riveting but compact architectural form. Combined with best-value factory-direct prices that even a non-audiophile can swing, Soul moves all music lovers closer to real fidelity, and leaves cash enough for records and living. Soul is designed and manufactured in Ogden, Utah USA, and is complete with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Call us toll-free at 800-516-8925 or visit ZuAudio.com for sales and info.

Superfly edition is complete with Zu B3™ silver and silver alloy internal cabling; Cardas® binding posts; Mundorf® Silver/Oil caps; QuietCoat® composite internal core damping; Alexit® external damping surface, in Zu Cosmic Carbon finish $2,600 per matched stereo pair.

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