Druid Mk.IV-13 Stage-1 Upgrade Kit

Druid Mk.IV-13 Stage-1 Upgrade Kit


Druid is our most important and iconic loudspeaker, representing our vision of fidelity, architectural style and art. And with well over a thousand happy Druid customers, and a desire to make them even happier we present the Druid Mk.IV/13 upgrade kits in two stages.

This kit is for new full-range drivers and new ASD-1001 tweeters with ClarityCap MR based high-pass networks. FRD kit will retrofit a pair of Druid Mk.I through Mk.IV/08 loudspeakers. No nameplate is include in this upgrade. The upgrade identification is simply the driver model name that's machined in to the center cones of the new full-range drivers.

(Price is for a match 2-channel set—left and right.)

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There are two stages of upgrades available for the Druid Mk.IV and earlier platform. Factory service is available for $300 for those that would prefer to have it done at Zu.

Stage-1 (FRDs)

Full-range driver upgrade to the new high-output nanotech Zu103ND/G1-16 drivers.

Stage-2 (Everything Else)

Cabinet / Radian tweeter / acoustics kit / cable / backplate / connections upgrade. See Druid-4/13 Stage-2 for pricing.

D.I.Y. Warranty

Limited two year warranty on parts only. No warranty for your workmanship. Zu will cover shipping on warranty parts, but D.I.Y. service is expected.

Factory Warranty

Limited two year* warranty on parts and workmanship, cabinet areas that are not modified are not covered. Zu will cover shipping on warranty parts, but D.I.Y. service is expected.

*Limited five year warranty if extended warranty and factory service are purchased/performed. Covers all parts and labor including the whole of the cabinet. If warranty is needed complete loudspeaker shipping is not covered. Zu will cover shipping on parts and D.I.Y. service is expected.

Stage-1   Full-Range Driver + ASD-1001 Tweeter/High-Pass Filter

Note: the only identification for this upgrade is the machined model number in the full-range driver. 

Difficulty: easy. Time: 30+ minutes.

1x Matched pair high-output nanotech (Zu103ND/G1-16) drivers w/ 600 hours burn-in.

1x Matched pair of tweeter (ASD-1001) driver assemblies complete with installed and plug and play ready ClarityCap MR based high-pass networks.
16x #9 Torx T-25 stainless FRD mounting screws.
Refunds: $200 refund upon the safe return of the original full-range drivers and tweeters in good condition.

Tools Required For Stage-1

  • Clean workspace; a blanket over coffee table is perfect.
  • #1 square drive, for removal of your old Druid drivers and tweeters (not included).
  • T-25 screwdriver, used to install the new T-25 FRD fastening screws (not included).