Mike Watt—Dick Watt Tour, Go!

I love Mike Watt and “Dick Watt Tour 2019” is a must see.

I bunch of old Watt-driven Minutemen songs and some of the best Blue Oyster Cult cut-in throughout—I’m On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep / Red and the Black, ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

Anytime Watt is touring, econo or otherwise, sign me up. And who happened to be in town for the show last week to witness? Leland Leard! Watt and Missingmen played their asses off, giving it their all, straight through, like always. Ah, shows in clubs, two three hundred people bouncing around, totally into the music, in the now, communal, and Watt, subordinate and dominant at the same time.

Thank you!

Mike Watt
Tom Watson (guitar)
and young buck Nick Aguilar on drums (small kit, kills it)

Tomorrow is Detroit. Here’s Watt’s Hootpage with dates. http://www.hootpage.com/hoot_dickwatttour2019.html


Watt, Watson, Aguilar  (P) Leland Leard

Watt, Watson, Aguilar

(P) Leland Leard

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