The Science Asylum

Cut through the wive’s tales, the hi-fi foo dust and the wacky theories on why and how.

I’m a fan of a well written text book. Really, not trying to be funny. I’m also a fan and proponent of concise and interesting lectures and instructional videos. And right there swimming in the cream exists Nick Lucid’s Science Asylum.

While I think the majority of us audio freaks would be better off, and get better sound, being on the *it just does* side of the fence.… What? You say you really want some understanding on why and how your audio system is actually working? You want to know, need some ground on which to speculate? Well, the EM field is your ocean to explore. Without having to commit to heavy math or models check out two quick episodes of the Science Asylum and see where the current takes you.

Start here Maxwell’s Equations Visualized

Then Energy Doesn’t Flow

Concise. Entertaining. Funny. Adult, in the transactional analysis sense… ahem, T(and)A… (eyebrows). Nick does the dense, bias-checked, in the now, physics-centric thing really well—with just the right amount of smart humor.

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