5 Ohm Speaker Loading Resistors

5 Ohm Speaker Loading Resistors


2x matched 5 ohm loudspeaker loading resistors (snubbers).

Reduce the impedance of Zu Druid, Soul Supreme, Soul Superfly, Omen and Omen DW loudspeakers. See table and curves.

Some amps are designed for and sound best with easy to drive 16 ohm loudspeakers, others have a load sweet spot of 8 ohms, and still others 4 ohms. Also a factor on matchup is how an amp tolerates the reactive influences within the loudspeaker. A purely resistive loudspeaker would have a flatline impedance curve; and 8 ohm speaker would measure 8 ohms at every frequency point throughout its bandwidth.

If your amplifier sounds better with a heavier (stiffer), less reactive load, here’s an easy plug and play solution for such matchups.

  • Reduce the nominal Z-weighted impedance of Zu loudspeakers.

  • Reduces the z-weighted dynamic impedance ratio.

  • Matched tolerance is equal to or better than 0.5%.

To install simply unscrew the 5-way binding post, slide over the posts, screw the nuts back on. No tools, takes about a minute.

Price is for a matched pair.

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Here’s what the 25 ohm loading resister will do to the impedance curve of your Druid, Soul Supreme or Soul Superfly. Additional curves to be published.


[Loading resistor is based on the Ohmite P/N: B20J5RE]

Ls Loading Chart.png