What is ZuB3™

ZuB3 technology is a cable design with specific electric and magnetic field relational specifications, as well as  The ZuB3 specification does not include materials, or chemistry, nor treatment processes. This cable topology was invented by Sean Casey in 2001 and allows signal and power to be transmitted with increased immunity from RF while lowering reactance compared to cables of similar conductance. ZuB3 archetype does not resemble any known geometry. ZuB3 field relations, or physical composition detail are held by Zu as a Trade Secret. ZuB3 is not a straight or twisted pair, star-quad, Gore-quad, Litz, braid, interleave, full or sectional coax, ribbon, sectional ribbon, radial, concentric or any other known cable format. Relative to the desired characteristics and actual electrical measures, ZuB3 reduces overall cable diameter. Manufacture of ZuB3 cable required the engineering and fabrication of new cabling machinery as the ZuB3 format could not be made on existing cabling equipment. ZuB3 cables are manufactured solely by Zu in Ogden, Utah, USA.

ZuB3™ is also a connection interface

Many of our speakers feature this connection and connecting Zu cable from the amplifier to the loudspeaker via ZuB3 ensures best fidelity. Reasons include:

  • Maintains the cable’s electric and magnetic behavior through the bulkhead of the speaker.
  • Lower contact resistance, better than half the resistance of pure copper lugs and spades.
  • Ensured correct channel phase  (SP+ to SP+  |  SP– to SP–) as the connectors are indexed and there's no way to mess it up.
  • No possible short-circuiting of amplifier for the loudspeaker connection.

ZuB3 interface connection via speakON™ 8-pole connectors maintains the electric and magnetic properties of the ZuB3 cable and lowers contact resistance over other bulkhead pass-throughs. For those that wish to use other cables we make a very high quality ZuB3 to Cardas pure copper binding post adaptor. Users that own Zu loudspeaker cables which feature our ZuB3 cable technology (Wax, Libtec, Ibis, Event) we will reterminate the cable free of charge so performance can be maximized.

NOTE: We highly recommend factory termination. However, ZuB3 via Neutrik speakON termination convention is outlined here for reference.