Platinum must be the best conductor right?

Yes, the question is tongue-in-cheek and poking fun at all those that made and purchased cable that cost more than their entire library of music. 

Conductor makes a difference but it is a secondary concern. The electrodynamics are the driving elements for cable design, and the materials pallet simply serves that system. Manufactures selling bazillian-nines purity whatever are doing so because they don’t have much else to sell you and they need a differentiator for you to “buy” what they are selling. Lots of bullshit in the cable business, buyer beware for sure. And how about “treatments”, possibly, but here again, chemistry must serve the electrodynamics of the E&M model and application. Customers should buy cables based on performs within their own system and how much it costs. Forget the hype and make sure the cable seller has at least a 30 day window to return it for full refund. If they don’t you are a fool for buying it. Listen, call it as you hear it, what is right for you might not be the thing for another. There is no perfect sound, there is no perfect cable. 

Cable, Show AllSean Casey