Where did the name Zu come from?

Mark O’Brien from Rogue Audio asked Sean this same question once. After the technical spiel, Mark looked down at Sean (Mark’s 6’3” former boxer) and said, “That’s the lamest story I think I’ve ever heard. Do yourself a favor and never tell anyone that story again.”

Don't get us wrong, We dig Mark. The man races motorcycles, loves Nick Cave, and makes some great audio gear- but be sure your dialog with Mark is interesting.

So where did the name come from? 

Just like most stuff we do here at Zu, our name was created and engineered from a practical point of view. We wanted the brand to be unique with the possibility of logo and name being synonymous, internationally easy, timeless. Kinda boring. But now, with more than a decade behind the brand, it’s certainly a lot more interesting—the people, the product, and the controversy.

We love our name and brand. Pronounced Zoo, not -Z-U-.

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