Local Omen Dirty Weekend Owner: Matt Schealer

    Matt came to Ogden from harbor town Blaine Minnesota 6 years ago; decided to swap it out for a mountain town and the powder turns that come with it. He’s got a very reliable “good times always” attitude to accompany it, that also translates to usually wanting to listen to some seriously grooving funky/jazz jams. Some of his favorite in his rotation right now are: Vulfpeck - “Thrill of the Arts,”  Orgone - “The Killion Floor,” and Jinsang - “Life.” Matt got heavily involved in listening and discovering music his freshman year of college that also led him to going to music festivals; Where he says there he fell in love with experiencing sound in that fully involved manner. Matt has now owned his Omen Dirty Weekends for two years and says they are by far the closest things to replicating his love for that visceral audio experience that the performers would curate, as well as having the perks of being in the comfort of his own bedroom. Other sentiments Matt expressed about his ODW’s are “ F***** best decision I’ve ever made… yeah man, I love these things. Number one favorite thing I own. They’re my baby’s.” Thank you Matt, we’re really glad to have you dancing and carving around town.

Ian Casey