Zu / SL-1200 Turntable

Zu has been doing an underground SL-1200 rework since 2007. We're not sure if info should be out there on our site but there are those wanting info....



Technics SL-1200, incorporating a massive Zu engineered and precision machined from billet 6061 armboard that is mounted directly into the composite core of the SL-1200— constraining the top plinth. Armboard is machined and engineered for any Rega tonearm (accepts all, including the three point mounts).

  • Stock tonearm assembly is removed and replaced with Zu / SL-1200 Armboard / Rega
  • Deck core is machined and taped to accept new armboard.
  • Top plinth is reworked and encased in composite damping.
  • Encapsulated top plinth is primed, painted, hand cut and polished. (Option)
  • 1.5” (3.8cm) thick billet aluminum armboard installed (machined to accept all Rega arms).
  • New armboard sandwiches top aluminum/composite plinth with composite core.
  • Platter is damped with clear ester based epoxy of medium durometer. Customer can spec color preference, though it is the bottom side that has the art...
  • Upon request, pitch control is removed from circuit and deck.
  • Upon request, popup light assembly is removed from deck.
  • Ringly-jingly bits and pieces are removed or secured in plinth.
  • Platter / top-half of motor is balanced.
  • Transformer is removed from deck (with KAB PS-1200GX outboard power supply option).
  • Zu umbilical cabled.

Mount a Zu / DL-103 pickup on this setup and you are good to go, playback sanctification without any fuss or headache.



Zu / SL-1200 rework, you supply the table /// $1500
Zu / SL-1200 complete deck without arm, without paint /// $2000
Zu / SL-1200 complete deck with RB-1000 arm and Zu rewire /// $4500



  • Custom paint on top plinth, hand cut and polished (PPG Vibrance) /// $400 (Only with Zu / SL-1200 purchase)
  • KAB PS-1200GX installed with SX-1200 /// $299
  • Zu / SL-1200 Armboard / Rega /// $299