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Zu Option-Power a conservatively priced, high performance power cable designed to serve most types of audio and precision electronics with an emphasis on better matching of modern compact and lightweight gear. Power cords should after all improve sound and do it without weighing more than the device it’s suppling power to—really, who likes overweight and unwieldy cables pulling gear off the table or shelf. And yes, the connector should also physically fit the power inlet socket space.

Conductor area was reduced and emphasis shifted to shielding performance, both static/dynamic and incoming/outgoing electromagnetic energy while simultaneously reducing cable weight, bulk and reduced equipment connector size, all to better accommodate cable routing and equipment positioning, and allowing high density/close proximity cabling without sacrificing fidelity or increasing noise.

Option-Power is designed and made by Zu in Ogden, Utah.

Note: this cable is available with your choice of a straight equipment side connector or a right angle (90 degree). Select at checkout, price and quality are the same.

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Design: Zu Option Power Mk.I AC mains cable is a highly flexible, small diameter, moderate conductance cable. E-M design is a balanced quadrapole that is also highly shielded. Though small, light and affordable, shielding and EMI protective qualities rival top rated competitors.

DUT: Zu Option Power Mk.I [Rev-A] 2’ [61cm] terminated
Production: 2018–current
Design By: Zu Audio
Made By: Zu Audio
Termination By: Zu Audio
Country Of Origin: U.S.A. (all cable materials and all labor, Wall plug made in USA, IEC made in China)

Cable Geometry: Zu / Quadrapole + high conductance 95% shield + carbon ESD sheath
Conductor (L) ≈ #16 AWG [1.31 mm2] U.S. refined and drawn high conductance pure copper low strand
Conductor (N) ≈ #16 AWG [1.31 mm2] U.S. refined and drawn high conductance pure copper low strand
Conductor (G) ≈ #15 AWG (1.62 mm2) tinned copper fine braid

Shielding: Quadrapole geometry + 95% coverage tin plated copper braided + TechFlex Carbon
Dielectric: PVC/air/Sn/Cu/P-E/carbon
Rating: 15A/125V

Rs: .02 Ω (line)
Rs: .02 Ω (neutral)
Rs: .02 Ω (ground)

Cp: 146 pF [line (high) / neutral (low)]
Cp: 176 pF [line (high) / ground]
Cp: 146 pF [neutral (low) / ground]

Ls: .8 uH (line)
Ls: .8 uH (neutral)
Ls: .4 uH (ground)

Bend Radius: 1” [25 mm]
Cable Diameter: .28” [7.1 mm]
Sheath: Monofilament TechFlex Carbon

Tolerance: 0.5%
Compliancy: UL, IEEE, CSA, CE, BSI, JET, RoHS
Life Expectancy: 100 years+
Warranty: Limited lifetime, does not cover misuse or abuse