EVENT-Power Light

EVENT-Power Light

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Event-Power Light is our best power cable for equipment not needing massive current—Event Power for big amps, Event Power Light for everything else. 

Event-Power Light will work for all your audio power cable needs including amplifiers despite its small diameter and high flexibility—though skinny and supple she’s still a high conductance design. That said, Event Power Light is designed specifically to compliment and improve low current/voltage sensitive electronics like DACs, A/Ds, master clocks, phono stages, desktop mixers and consoles, players, preamplifiers, mic preamps, streamers, signal processors and the like. Event-Power Light is a high conductance balanced design that features multiple types of technologies to safeguard your gear, cable, wireless signals and your AC power from being corrupted by electromagnetic interferences—this cable will not radiate nor let in EMI. Like its higher conductance sibling, Event Power, Event Power Light does not contain any filtering devices, just elegant power cable engineering, design, build and termination.

You could spend a lot more on an overgrown, under engineered power cable with a dumb price, but then you wouldn’t be able to spend all that cash you saved on a great big pile of new music. Want to know if the Zu Event-Power Light will improve the sound of your system? Our 60-day satisfaction guarantee makes in-home trial dead easy—and we pay return shipping if for any reason you are not completely happy.

In addition to the U.S. spec’ wall plug, we also terminate Event-Power Light with country specific connectors like Schuko. If you have any questions about international plug options please e-mail info@ZuAudio.com.

Quick Features

  • Copper/silver conductors on all circuits.
  • ZuB3™ geometry.
  • High conductance #16 AWG equivalent on both power legs.
  • High conductance #12 AWG equivalent on ground.
  • 100% high magnitude EMI shielding (DC–1GHz).
  • Multi-plane high conductance carbon static shielding.
  • Cryogenically treated Wattgate™ Evo connectors.
  • Solderless/sealed termination.

Uniform E&M fields and their relationship to ground give our ZuB3™ power cables the ability to truly improve the sound of most any electronic component as opposed to lesser engineered power cables.

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Event-Power Light require a good bit of play before complete burn-in is reached, roughly 400 hours—lots of Teflon® equals slow burn-in. We do not recommend any burn-in devices or special recordings. We do recommend music you enjoy, preferably upbeat full spectrum recordings: rock, roots, full orchestra, big band.... For the possible how and whys about burn-in please see our Answers section.