Overview of the Soul Supreme

Dane and Sean talk about the details and comparisons between the new Soul Supreme and the Druid loudspeakers.

Set Up tips for the new Soul Mk. II

Sean shows us different tips on how to get the most out of system with the new Soul Mk. II's in a mid-century setting.

Installing our Upgrade Kits

Christian and Sean go over the process of installing our upgrade kits into your existing Zu drivers.


Omen Def Video

Featuring music from the Moth and the Flame and superb cinematography from Violet Suitcase.


James' Pick of the week, No.134

Colton and Harvey have questions about James music pick for this week along with his shoe purchase.


Zu + Dan Weldon


Zu's first short.

Zu Druid [2006]

Hypnotic, time lapsed visuals of the Druid loudspeaker set to downtempo IDM by a.vanvranken. Filmed with Super-8 by Dallas Casey (Sallad).


James' Pick of the Week 245 Nick Cave


Harvey does a great job of stepping in to host this episode while James ships out some cables.


How Electron Tubes Work

Informative, beautiful, simple—our vote for best technical video.