Groovetracer Counterweight - Zu/Denon Custom

Groovetracer Counterweight - Zu/Denon Custom


This Groovetracer® counterweight is a higher mass version of the universal model counterweight

manufactured by Groovetracer for Rega tonearms. It is a custom version made for ZU Audio to balance

the ZU/Denon model line of cartridges. Its total mass is 165 grams.

The main body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and the weights are machined from non-

magnetic stainless steel. The weights are damped internally and the body is decoupled from the end

stub by a Delrin bushing and secured to the end stub with a No-Mar set screw.

A precision machined stainless steel end stub is also included with the counterweight assembly to

ensure a precise fit, however it is not mandatory to change the stock end stub if it provides a good fit

with the Groovetracer counterweight.

Standard available colors are Black anodize and Silver anodize. Simple setup instructions and an Allen

wrench are included.

This assembly offers maximum performance by controlling tracking ability resulting in more information

being extracted from the record grooves. You can also have peace of mind knowing that the

counterweight will not interfere with the dustcover (Rega turntable models) when closed, even if shims

are added to raise the tonearm to compensate for taller cartridges.

Each counterweight is sent with installation instructions.

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