What is Zu's position on the environment?

Zu believes in real environmentally friendly manufacturing, no need for bullshit, just the real deal. Not because of some great googly moogly “climate change” geopolitical power play nonsense. It’s simple isn’t it, people like being healthy, and enjoying blue skies, green hills, healthy rivers, lakes and wildlife. We keep our impact to a minimum because we get out and enjoy nature, we love it and don’t want to screw it up. Zu makes good stuff, stuff that will last and that you can pass down to your kids, stuff that isn’t going to end up in landfills. U.S. based manufacturing is pretty damn clean and very efficient. Its simply the result of technology advancements and neighbors and workers that care.

The lack of manufacturing integrity by some U.S. companies is not exclusively their bag to hold, it’s the consumer’s fault as well. The majority of U.S. consumers it seems have grown numb to their responsibility; always trying to get the most for less, looking for the quick high instead of the lasting satisfaction in a product that is innovative, reliable, and well build. Zu thinks that manufacturers and users have equal responsibility, and an obligation to their respective local communities. Users and producers must search for real solutions and maximize their positive impact on family, community, nature, product, and technology.

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