What are Zu's political leanings?

The individuals that make up Zu are red blooded ‘Mericans. We that think what Washington, Jefferson, and all the other U.S. founders did was genius. We're not always happy with our leaders -- we don’t always agree -- but we are proud of our system. It's a system where we can prosper, fail, learn, expand, live and let live, get involved, and change things.

We believe in the guiding principles the U.S. was founded on:

  • Individual freedom
  • Individual responsibility
  • Equality
  • Solid education throughout the nation (language, math, science, history, art, music, and constitutional understanding)

With these fundamentals, people can correctly wield the power that is innately theirs, and have a solid foundation from which to explore, advance, and live as a community.

Since the end of World War II, it seems that the leaders of the U.S. have had a predilection for becoming deeply involved with other nations. This is something the majority at Zu do not necessarily agree with. We're much like the founding fathers, the majority of whom strongly felt we should avoid getting entangled and burdened by geopolitical alliances.

However, the modern age is a little more complex.

The U.S. has done and will continue to do amazing things, so long as freedom, truth, adventure, and individual liberty are the forces guiding it -- and the individual looks after the community.

So what’s the bottom line on Zu’s political leanings?

Simple: it doesn't have one.

Zu is a corporation, an entity to enable the creation of cool products, business, and hopefully wealth.

Zu’s only here for the music.

If you want to talk politics and religion (not regarded as polite in most books) then go for it. My views are my own -- and Zu, like Elvis, is officially on record as only being here for the entertainment. 

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