Is the customer always right?

Always. Zu has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so you can decide for yourself if Zu is right for you. We even pay the return shipping and schedule the pickup. The customer comes first and is always right. 

I didn't understand this expression growing up, but I grew up very competitive. My dad raced boats, founded a B.A.S.S. club, hunted for sport and trophy, ran his own business (plus a few start-ups) and faced more than one tragic failure.

At first I thought "The customer is always right," meant there's nothing to be gained from arguing with a customer -- which I quickly figured out is generally true. But the deeper meaning, at least to me, is: I am not you. To use Adam Decaria's expression, “Others are not just like you with a different face.”

The job of a good salesman is not to convince the customer to MY way of thinking, it's to understand what the customer is looking for, what he or she places value on, and how a product might help them find what they're searching for. It's a simple thing, but it took a long time for me to get it.

Zu designs products that are an expression of its people, and while I love our designs, I don’t presume you and I have the same values of music and playback. We really don’t “sell” at Zu, we present the thing we make as it is and hope that it's something that fits the values of the large majority of those who find our stuff attractive. 

We're not pushing product, we're trying to make friends that will give our handiwork a try. We're creating and manufacturing products that express a unique position on tone, hinged around Zu’s way of looking at playback, music, and the art, form, and architecture of the electromechanical and electrodynamic.

We hope you like what we do.