How important are connections?

You need to hook stuff up... and yes, connectors can influence fidelity in significant ways relative to the influence cable has on a system. And as important as the connector system is, the way in which a connector terminates to the wire or cable is equally important.

We are not fans of the banana plug—great user design but impossible to get sounding as good as our ZuB3 connection are pure copper spades.

Zu is an anti-solder crew and uses cold forging (high pressure crimp in the correct sorta way) and sonic welding anytime it possibly can. Very few of Zu’s wire and cable products use solder, even loudspeaker cable harnesses feature cold forged to pure copper binding posts. So for Zu’s loudspeaker cables, if you have the option and the space on the back of your amp, Zu recommend you to go with the Zu pure copper cold forged spade lugs. If you have ZuB3 connectors on your speakers, use ‘em!