"My name is James, you can call me James. Like Jason Serinus I think most of the music made is crap, but unlike Jason Serinus I think all of opera is crap and not worth attending, let alone playing back. Effected voices feigning beauty and sincerity? No thank you.

Sean wrote that, he's a dork. That's not exactly what I would say, and who the hell is this Jason guy and why do I care. I would say something like, that there's so much good music out there—go find it—the music didn't die with Buddy Holly. This will do, for now I guess."

James has been with Zu since 2003. Graduated from WSU with a BS in Visual Communication. A perfectionist*, a CrossFitter, music junky, guitar player, wakeboarder, snowboarder and biker who pedals too. Also likes younger redheaded women, or is it woman 'cause he is dating Shay, just Shay.

*Painfully honest, will tell you if your work isn't good enough without regard for your feelings or self-esteem.