Mother Power Cable

Mother Power Cable

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Zu Mother launched 2002 and was in production without change for a decade with only a shielding revision and finish.

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Mother is designed to improve the sonic performance of good sounding high end, D/A, A/D, CD players, preamplifiers, amplifiers, computers, signal processors and mixers.

We think Mother is the best there is and not just in its price class. You could spend a lot more on an overgrown, under engineered power cable with an outrages list price, but then you wouldn’t be able to spend all that cash you saved on a great big pile of new music....

In addition to the U.S. spec’ power outlet plug, we also terminate Mother power cables with region / country specific plugs. If you have any questions about international plug options please e-mail

Quick features include silver alloy conductors in a multiple conductor exclusively ZuB3 geometry, extremely high conductor area on all legs, 100% high magnitude RF shielding (Mk.II), cryogenically treated Wattgate™ connectors, hermetically sealed (potted) solderless termination, and machined aluminum, hard anodized barrels.

Mother features our own ZuB3 geometry which incorporates several individual conductors of varying size and dielectrics which combine to create perfect symmetry between Line and Neutral.

The ZuB3 architecture yields the following unique benefits in power cables: perfect symmetry between line and neutral legs and with their relationship to ground, which yields a power cable truly capable of dramatically lowering the noise of a system and delivering power from the outlet unimpeded. Flexibility, high conductor area and small cable diameter compared to the “fire hose” cables that require weight training to wrestle into place. Uniform cable construction, regardless of length, which ensures the highest possible conductance and shielding against environmental noise.

Uniform E&M fields and their relationship to ground give our ZuB3 power cables the ability to truly improve the sound of any electronic component as opposed to the traditional 3-wire power cable which features completely random and varying fields. ZuB3 has a much smaller radiating field, when compared to the standard 3-wire power cable, thus producing a power cable that eliminates environmental impact on the component it is connected to and does not impact surrounding cables or electronics.

Anytime you are making an electrical connection make it a habit to inspect the contacts and clean them if they are tarnished or dirty. Most any copper polish will work for this though we have found Cape Cod to be excellent. Brasso is also good.

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Mother power cables require a good bit of play before it’s fully burned in, roughly 500 hours—Teflon® equals slow burn-in. We do not recommend any burn-in devices or special recordings. We do recommend music you enjoy, preferably upbeat full spectrum recordings: rock, roots, full orchestra, big band.... For the possible how and whys about burn-in please see our Answers section.

Mother History

Aside from the addition outer heavy gauge shielding on Mk.II, Mother remained unchanged since introduction. It was in production from2002 through 2012.

Dallas Casey designed the logo (also the Zu logo, Varial logo, and most of these original product logo). Adam Decaria designed and built the original planetary machine to make Mother.