Denon DL-103

Denon DL-103


Know how good your turntable and record collection can sound! Warm, detailed, dynamically expressive, passionate, easy—natural, real resolution without the high-frequency skating (which many hear as more detail) so common in the exotic pickups.

Denon's classic cartridge—a hifi and commercial DJ standard since the mid '60s. Sure this pickup has good attack and smooth, warm sound, but the soul of this pickup is its beautiful and compelling midrange.

Works with the vast majority of turntables. Your next step up form here is the Zu version.

  • Moving coil type pickup.

  • .3mV output.

  • 40 ohm output impedance.

  • 80 to 400 ohm loading (80 is damp, 400 is a bit lazy, load to taste.

  • 8.5 grams total weight.

  • 2.5 grams recommended downforce.

  • 20–45kHz bandwidth.

  • 0.2mm spherical diamond stylus for near zero impact to your records.

  • New stock.

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