Submission Mk.I

Submission Mk.I

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Submission gives you the best possible integration of sub-contrabass content, be it music or film, to your otherwise low frequency limited state-of-the-art playback system. If you are looking for an agile, deep and powerful subwoofer system, that is flexible and incredibly musical, run Submission.

It is designed and engineered as a state-of-the-art real-world subwoofer system capable of descending to the depths of impression—naturally, with resolution, dynamics and with all the grace and power to compliment high-resolution loudspeakers. And yes, a stereo pair is even better than just one. Didn’t Confucius say, good things come in pairs....


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[Submission Subwoofer System Specifications + Information]

Submission is designed to compliment playback systems that have great sound down to about the kick drum (50Hz or so) but lack a sense of glory and tranquility that deep bass done right can give. The stereo and home theater systems I’m referring to usually feature large monitors or medium to large floor-standing loudspeakers that get you a good impression of bass but lack sincere detail of body and weight.

Submission features the same electronics and awesome Eminence LAB-12 sub-woofer driver and tuning we developed for our Definition Mk.IV loudspeaker including the machined aluminum alloy casing that helps protect the electronics from vibration born distortion.

Submission Quick Specs

Height: 50” [127cm]
Footprint: 12.75 x 12.75” [32.4 x 32.4cm]
Weight: 85 pounds [39kg] each
Bandwidth: 12 – 80Hz

Line-Level Input: yes, RCA (left and right summing)
Sub Line-Level Input: yes, RCA
Speaker-Level Input: yes, 5-way binding posts (L/R summing)

Tunability: very
DSP Bypass: yes, switched for those that want to integrate more elaborate signal processing but desire to take advantage of the world-class amplification of submission.

Driver: the awesome Eminence LAB-12
Amp: Zu Submission Subwoofer Amp Mk.I
Power: Hypex UcD 400

Hypex amp module made in Netherlands
Eminence LAB-12 made in Eminence, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Balance of the system designed and made In Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.


Cabinet Construction

Submission is a super-structured enclosure that significantly reduces power and fidelity robbing cabinet vibration. In addition to the internal acoustic behavior of the enclosure the cabinet harmonics, plate resonance and mechanical stress-risers are also modeled and minimized. The cabinet is made from North American high-density composite wood plate (comp-60) and is machined on state-of-the-art CNC mills in Utah.  Submission uses real wood veneer pressed at the plywood factory and is not laid-up post cabinet assembly ensuring your finish will not lift or warp. For glue, it’s Titebond-III, for the highest joint strength and a lifetime of unfailing, moisture-proof service.


Standard wood options are top coated with premium UV protecting conversion varnish. Other finishes are available, anything you can dream really including any paint. Other wood species are priced based on market price. Please contact us for custom finish requests.

Acoustic Technologies 

Submission is a medium compliance, sealed enclosure system where the restorative driver forces are shared between the driver’s suspension (spider is primary) and the air in the cabinet. Submission continues our tradition of making quick, details “sealed” subwoofers.

Subwoofer Amp Details

Submission’s electronics really perform and offer just enough tunability to be useful and not overwhelming. The amplifying module is the highly regarded Hypex UcD 400. Inputs are unfiltered left and right RCA line-level inputs, home theater sub-woofer signal, and unfiltered loudspeaker-level feeds (taping only signal). Submission is able to integrate with high efficiency loudspeakers like Zu’s without having to jump through hoops with gain and volume matching. Some design highlights include:

  • Hypex UcD 400 amp module.
  • ALPS pots for volume and signal processing control.
  • Zu Event #28 hookup wire on signal feeds.
  • 3M IDC adhesive locking terminals.
  • Panduit disconnect terminals.
  • Neutrik RCA jacks (sound great and as tough as it gets).
  • Extra large toroidal transformer and overbuilt linear power supply.
  • Machined 1/4” [6.3mm] 6061 aluminum housing assembly.
  • Hard anodizing (MIL-A-8625) anodizing.
  • Custom machined 6061 aluminum knobs.
  • Premium 5-way binding posts.
  • Gain structure of preamp section is designed to accommodate both low and high-efficiency loudspeakers.


Tips On Getting Great Sound From Submission

Submission subwoofers get one week of play before leaving the factory and while it is high-intensity and shakes the bugs out you will find Submission to sound significantly better after a few weeks of heavy play. And of note, if they are transported in cold weather, they take several days to “warm up” and return to giving you their best.

Make sure you have a 3/4” [20mm] or more gap between the bottom of the loudspeakers and the floor; the down-firing woofer needs a bit of room to breath.

Corner loading is not necessary. If you are using one Submission we recommend it be placed somewhere between your left/right speakers, closer to center is better but you don’t need to get all crazy about centering it. If you are using a stereo pair of Submissions we recommend that they be placed similarly to what you would to with your stereo main speakers—placed symmetrically and near your stereo main speakers.

For an excellent review full of setup and integration tips please visit:

6moons Submission Review

The Submission might be of hulking proportions but it behaves like an Olympian foil fencer with lethal speed, accuracy and poised elegance. With this active and flexible giant I hands-down had the very best bass I’ve ever enjoyed in 10 years on the job.
it’s my considered opinion that the genus of subwoofer must once again be included in serious audiophile discussions. To have subwoofers condemned to home-theater exile as imposed by ill-informed snobbery and unfit samples of the breed is ultimately costly on your wallet and counterproductive for the ‘high’ in hifi. Kudos to team Zu for swimming against the prevailing tide and offering not just one but two dedicated quality subwoofers. Their stout Submission should get this process of reacquaintance with the genre started even if by no other means than outraged dissent with my review of it. I for one feel cured from the stupid ambition to do it all with passive boxes no matter what their pedigree might be. It only took me 11 years of intense reviewing to arrive at such a belated realsization. Better late than never though. And perhaps talking about it saved you a few years? Cheers to that!... –Srajan of 6moons

What’s Included

Four stainless-steel ball-end footers for use with hard surface flooring. Four high strength spikes to be used to punch through and anchor the subwoofer through carpets and rugs. Four stainless-steel low profile nuts for locking the footers (installed). 9/16” wrench size; 14mm also works but it’s tight. The thread size for those interested in trying aftermarket footers is 3/8–16.

Thanks for your interest, and please don’t hesitate to call or email, we love what we do and we are here to help.