Single Soul Seeks Same

Single Soul Seeks Same

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Single loudspeaker that loves great music and a good time seeks same.

Hand painted using acrylics by Harvey here at Zu then clear coated by Darin using PPG Omni Plus LV clear coat—three coats, this thing will never fade. This loudspeaker was marched in the Salt Lake Comic Con / 2016 SLC Pride Parade—pulled in a wagon, by a 1980 Honda Express scooter, decorated as a very proud TIE Fighter, driven by Stefanie.

There are two pea-sized rub marks on the back top corners (see photo).

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Minimalist/mid-century modern form, life-sized and magnificent stereophony and tone.

Soul looks fantastic: clean, timeless yet modern and the perfect size—defining its performance in sound takes more telling. Soul puts out gripping life-like dynamics and irresistibly sincere tone, textures bellow and flow without effort and dynamic contrasts dance and burst, all in perfect time and throughout your room and home. The fidelity Soul can deliver is so right, so coherent that it carries and fills a space much like a real instrument. Voices sound real and the size and scale is as big as life. These performance attributes are the result of our particular mix of tenets: high-efficiency, undemanding speaker load, full-range methodology designed to run without a crossover on the full-range driver, and bandwidth extending deep enough to allow deep voices to sound natural and bass to be solid.

For more info please see the Soul page here.

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