Soul Mk. II - Smooth Matte True Black

Soul Mk. II - Smooth Matte True Black

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This pair of Soul Mk.II finished in Smooth Matte True Black has a slight cosmetic blemish.  Very light banding in the finish that does not allow them to be A-stock quality.  Unless you knew what you were looking for you'd never tell the difference.  Brand new, never been sold.  

Soul looks fantastic: clean, timeless yet modern and the perfect size—defining its performance in sound takes more telling. Soul puts out gripping life-like dynamics and irresistibly sincere tone, textures bellow and flow without effort and dynamic contrasts dance and burst, all in perfect time and throughout your room and home. The fidelity Soul can deliver is so right, so coherent that it carries and fills a space much like a real instrument. Voices sound real and the size and scale is as big as life. These performance attributes are the result of our particular mix of tenets: high-efficiency, undemanding speaker load, full-range methodology designed to run without a crossover on the full-range driver, and bandwidth extending deep enough to allow deep voices to sound natural and bass to be solid.

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soul does so many things right it’s a workout to list them. like all zu loudspeakers soul is centered around the human voice so music always sounds natural. the engineering and technology exercised in soul bring to bear dimensionally stable leading-edge resolution for breathtakingly clear sound throughout and reproduces music that’s always tone-right and authentic to the recording. soul is high-fidelity playback with timeless architectural form that is quite livable in size. soul is at home in any environment: college dorm’s, english manors, pueblo revival and tokyo art and architectural homes alike, dishing up music with a presence and vitality that draws you in and captivates.

soul vs. omen. nearly everyone loves our entry-level omen speaker, hi-fi freaks, music junkies and the girl next door. while omen is forgiving and easy, making great sound with almost any amp and in most any room, it doesn’t usually get invited to an a-list, purist’s hi-fi party. soul on the other hand is totally a-list material, complete with world-class resolution, dynamic expression, tone density and that fantastic co-ax image and tone stability. but as with any top performing loudspeakers, soul ruthlessly lays bare an improper amp match and may aggravate acoustic glare in a room of hard surfaces. zu can guide you to compatible amplifiers at nearly any price level, and offer advice on room placement and other ways to mitigate an acoustically excitable room. the reward is unprecedented liveliness, definition, spatial dimension and tone from such a compact form that takes up less space than most mini-monitors on stands.


height: 31.5” [80 cm]
footprint: 12.14 x 12.14” [30.8 x 30.8 cm]
weight: 42 pounds [19 kg] each. 53 pounds [24 kg] packaged
bandwidth: 45 – 22 khz
efficiency: 99 db spl 1w, 1m
impedance: 8 ohm
power amp range: 2 – 200 watt
made in ogden, utah—u.s.a.

soul mk.ii tech specs

high efficiency (99db spl @ 1w,1m), there is no substitute for dynamic expression and range. today’s “high sensitivity” 90db speakers are ten times more compressed in their response—smooth sure, but destitute.

undemanding 8 ohm impedance (6 minimum, 11 nominal) allow amplifiers and receivers to operate without strain and within their sonic sweet spot.

zu’s old-school rooted yet state-of-the-art 10” full-range driver features nanotech paper-cored cone, under-hung voice coil, massive and powerful magnet assembly and heavy cast aluminum basket—details and design choices here are fundamental to realistic sound.

crossoverless full-range driver engineering and design for a relaxed and unaffected recreation of the recording—no matter how you bake ‘em crossovers are tone killers.

zugriewe™ cabinet loading combine with driver and cabinet to give balanced, linear bandwidth so instruments are in their proper place, in proper scale and with proper weight.

coaxially mounted super-tweeter for a unified and balanced extended upper treble, giving you that subtle yet compelling burnish and air around complex upper treble harmonics.

zu event™ internal cable harness featuring zub3™ geometry and the bare minimum connections between binding posts and loudspeaker driver for the most intimate interconnection.

zu nanotech high-output crossoverless co-ax

the heart of any great loudspeaker system is the driver(s) and with soul we think we’ve done something pretty special. we’ve taken our super-duper high-performance 10 inch full-range driver and combined it with a coaxial super-tweeter. and like our top-shelf full-range driver this new full-range co-ax features a very similar paper-cored nanotech cone. in a good room with good gear you will be shocked at what this sensibly priced loudspeaker will do with your music. soul runs this to-the-max co-ax driver full-range and totally filterless from from bass through mid treble (12khz); no coils, no nothin’ just an intimate connection of your amp to the full-range driver’s voice coil. and the paper-cored nanotech cone yields a very well damped and extremely quick cone propagation velocity. we also developed a massive and powerful motor complete with magnetically under-hung voice coil assembly to realize the full shove potential of all that high-strength magnetic sweetness. getting all this high-output torque and horsepower transmitted into the cone has demanded a heavy cast aluminum basket, high damping surround and spider, a mylar/ridged-paper former and high-tensile adhesives to tightly interface the nanotech cones. all this driver wizardry translates into a very tone dense and resolving sound that is highly expressive of timbre and dynamics, big to nuanced.

zugriewe acoustic technology

the result of all this driver engineering is an expressive and dynamic full-range co-ax driver, where the tweeter section is not called on or needed until the upper most treble range (12khz and up), and as this co-ax was designed to work within our zugriewe™ box/acoustic loading technology you get a loudspeaker that is lightning-quick yet still lays down loads of tone density. the system is consistent and linear in its resolution and dynamic behavior—from bass though treble. zugriewe™ delivers increased efficiency in the bass range and reduces noise and distortion, a design that outperforms bass-reflex or acoustic suspension designs. our exclusive technology reduces internal acoustic noise from within the cabinet and couples more tightly the high acoustic impedance of the driver cone to the low acoustic impedance of the room. so you get improved bass drum thwack, techno beat hit, thunder-broom shove, snare pop, guitar tone, fiddle bite and body. and all able to scale and span even the most demanding and complex recordings (particularly when matched with a great subwoofer like our undertone). and yeah, voice always sounds human, real and present.

cabinet-work and materials pallet

soul is made from north american high density fiberboard plate (comp60-hdf), machined on state-of-the-art cnc mills. soul uses real wood veneer laid-up and pressed at the fiberboard factory and not glued after assembly. this ensures your finish will not lift or warp, and it yields the flattest surfaces and tightest seams. for glue it’s titebond® iii for the highest joint strength and a lifetime of unfailing, moisture-proof service.

other details

soul features event™ internal loudspeaker cable harness, a big upgrade over our mission hookup wire. event™ features teflon® dielectric on all circuits and conductor is silver/copper mix. quietcoat® dampening application is applied inside the cabinet to reduce resonance. terminals on binding post and voice coil sides are premium panduit disconnects that are high-pressure crimped in made-to-spec panduit dies for the best sound and longest life. binding posts are machined from a single piece of bar stock and the male disconnect tab is machined right into it. the tweeter’s high-pass is, by design, a simple, single component network, a single polypro’ capacitor. the coaxially mounted tweeter is substantial, and borrows some of the tricks developed by radian™, namely a pet damped aluminum alloy 1.7” dome and former.


standard wood finishes are top coated by uv protecting premium grade conversion varnish. all finish work is done in zu’s custom finish shop. other finishes are available through the zu custom shop where sky’s the limit on your finish possibilities. contact us for pricing.