EVENT-LC 11.5 Foot Pair

EVENT-LC 11.5 Foot Pair

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One pair of preloved Event 11.5 foot [3.5m] loudspeaker cables in mint condition. Taken in on trade for a longer length. Currently terminated spade to Zu B3. If you need other connectors the charge is $40 per cable end, $160 for new/different connectors on both amp and loudspeaker ends.

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Event Loudspeaker Cable Mark-Two [Event-LC Mk.II]

Event-LC Mk.II represents a significant step forward in performance, a loudspeaker cable that comfortably competes at the highest level of the performance spectrum—despite its less than insane price. Beta testers and early adopters have been overwhelmingly positive about this new cable:

“The Event LC Mk.II cables are still improving after about a month of continuous use (e.g., similar to my experience with Zu Ibis which didn’t come into their own until 1,000+ hours). The Event LC IIs are the best cables I’ve ever heard, sounding neutral, dynamic, transparent with realistic depth and sound staging. They really let the music come through in an effortless manner.” —Archie Simons
“Spectacular resolution of detail (bass through treble and not just treble) and it allows tone uninhibited! I love this new loudspeaker cable.” —Sean Casey (Designer and owner of Zu, but also a pretty heavy user—of course.)

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Price is for a matched pair (one left/one right). Please let us know connector needs with your order. Singles are simply half price.

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Goals for the Event-LC Mk.II were to meet or exceed the resolution of intelligence realized in our Ibis loudspeaker cable of years gone by and still retain the tone and relaxed nature we made with the original Event loudspeaker cable (Mk.I). After lots of time, engineering and testing, we introduce Event-LC Mk.II.

How did we find more resolution and better tone? The majority of our engineering and testing was centered around the dynamic impedance characteristics of the cable, and it was while on this Smith Chart path that we discovered ways to realize E&M and sonic targets while reducing noise and increasing the dynamic range. We introduced more air into the dielectric space, increased DC conductance and the silver to copper ratio decrease (more silver), and improved RF shielding through materials and process engineering. This wasn’t all done at once, there was a good bit of round-n-round and thousands of hours of burn-in and testing, with several years bracketing the project—as mentioned, there was a lot of time and effort put into this new loudspeaker cable.

As ever with Zu products, design and engineering were only serving “how does it sound” listening/living tests, and much more than the typical afternoon half-baked hi-fi get together—each change was first fully burned in and then lived with, notes compared over weeks and sometimes months. Critical ears include Phil Ressler and Dave Sykes, early beta and feedback also from Todd Coleman and Archie Simons (thanks men).


[Amp] marked end connects to amp, [Speaker] marked end connects to loudspeaker. We pay close attention to direction of manufacture of all points, from wire to cable. Correct connecting ensures best sound, matching channel fidelity and increased burn-in speed.


Event-LC Mk.II will require a good bit of play before it’s fully burned in, roughly 400 hours. We do not recommend any burn-in devices or special recordings. We do recommend music you enjoy, preferably upbeat full spectrum recordings: rock, roots, full orchestra, big band.... For the possible how and whys about burn-in please see our Answers section.


No maintenance is required for the cable or the connectors save for the annual copper spade cleaning if you selected spade termination. If your connector contacts are nice and bright, don’t worry about it. However, anytime you are making an electrical connection make it a habit to inspect the contacts and clean them if they are tarnished or dirty. Cape Cod™ is one of our favorite copper cleaners/polishers