Omen Dirty Weekend - Dark Walnut - B Stock

Omen Dirty Weekend - Dark Walnut - B Stock

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This pair of Omen Dirty Weekends finished in our premium Dark Walnut does sport a few cosmetic blemishes but look amazing despite these minor flaws. The drivers used are the Druid Mk.IV FRD and tweeters with standard Druid Mk.IV high pass filter network.

The Omen loudspeaker is our hook—the best we can do without making regrettable compromises in performance or materials. We think Omen DW really delivers on the performance all that exotic driver goodness and premium cabinetry suggest. Our in-home two month trial lets you play your music in your own space with your own electronics, and without the salesmanship nonsense. So find out if Omen DW floats your boat, without getting soaked, our 60-days satisfaction guarantee makes it possible and we coordinate and pay return shipping if they don’t do it for you.

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