Undertone Mk. II - Dark Walnut

Undertone Mk. II - Dark Walnut

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Trade in. Undertone Mk.II finished in Dark Walnut.

Undertone is for those searching for that missing majesty and space, for systems that need that added tone in the foundation of big/deep music and soundscapes—and without that slow and foggy one-note sound of a modern under-built subwoofer. It is a down-firing subwoofer with active signal processing and built in amplification. It accepts line-level feeds (RCA left and right summing), sub feed (RCA) and speaker-level (five-way binding posts, left and right transformer isolated and summing).

Undertone is designed specifically to compliment playback systems that have great sound down to about the kick drum, 50Hz* or so, but lack a sense of glory and tranquility that deep bass done right can give. The stereo and home theater systems that best fit Undertone are those that typically feature large monitors or medium to large floor-standing loudspeakers—high resolution and dynamic systems that gives you a solid impression of bass but lack sincere detail of body and weight.

Undertone Mk.II (mark-two) is designed to further compliment high-resolution, wide dynamic range loudspeakers that could use help in handling the dynamic demands of the bottom most octave. Undertone’s excellent integration of sub-contrabass content is stunning and very resolving of the subtle tones, textures and dynamics that live and breath in that deep bass domain—music or film. If you are looking for an agile, deep and powerful subwoofer system that is flexible, dynamically agile and incredibly musical consider Undertone.

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