Omen Def Mk.II - Distressed Black/Ghost Grey

Omen Def Mk.II - Distressed Black/Ghost Grey

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Brand new, never been sold set of Omen Def Mk.II finished in a custom Distressed Black/Ghost Grey over Hickory.

All new and ready to set your pants on fire. Omen Def Mk.II further defines its position as the price-to-performance world-beater, do everything well, high fidelity loudspeaker.

Omen Def is recognized as a rock-solid performer and amazing for the money. It vividly and naturally recreates recordings and has a uncanny ability to compliment and work with the acoustics and architecture of most any room. Its also easy to drive and mates well with nearly all amplifiers. And now with easy bolt-on and plug-and-play upgrades, most notably the tweeter, the sky’s the limit and you can get there at your own pace. That’s right, Omen Def Mk.II (besides being amazing in its least expensive form and not just a little better than its predecessor) allows easy user changes and updates—tweeter, high-pass network, cable harness (futures), full-range drivers (these too will get better one day), the addition of optional plinths... all can be done in your own home with simple bolt-on style builds—no soldering, no surgery, no mistakes, and no nonsense.


  • Deeper sense of ease in all tones, textures, phrasing and dynamic shades.

  • Magnified cogency of intelligence and transient—better pop, shove, hit and attack.

  • Sanctification of the inner detail—bass through treble, not simply treble hyped.

  • Significantly elevated emotional teleportation powers.

  • All while engineered to allow easy DIY upgrade and future update of many aspects of its design, most notably the tweeter. Oh, and by blessed you know we mean, engineered with mad science with clear targets nailed to the door of sonic bliss.

Yes, the price went up, but less than the direct costs of the improvements. Omen Def remains the clear leader in the high value, do everything well, hi-fi speaker category. As you can tell, we’re pretty stoked on our new Omen Def Mk.II, so if you want a speaker that delivers the music and just the music, you’ll want Omen Def—quite simply the biggest sound per dollar (pound, yen or euro) you’ve ever heard.

Price is for a matched pair.

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