Can I visit? Does Zu have a showroom?

Please, come and visit. We have an open door Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. mountain standard time. We have been known to close for holidays and big powder days, so please call a day or two before (mostly so we can clean up a bit).

Zu is located in the Ogden Commercial Industrial Park and is a production and manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of work, noise levels, and efficiency of production, we do not have a showroom at the factory (production took it over about a year ago). Those that would like to visit, and we hope you do, should give us a call and schedule so we can spend proper time with you, pick you up from the airport if needed, and arrange some listening time with Sean, Gerrit, or Dane. Scheduling with us also gives you the chance to catch some good live music- Ogden really has a great live music scene.

We're looking for a Zu Store & Showroom site in downtown Ogden, but nothing yet. 

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