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Customer trade-in, non smoker, very good condition (8/10) with handling marks on the Zu OxyFuel logs. Photos are of the exact cable. Clean, linear, very resolving, but not all that flexible due to large format solid core design. These also make excellent SPDIF cable as they are a precise 75 ohm coax with exceptional bandwidth!

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Zu Audio Oxyfuel delivers on its promise of high value. It is a pure, stripped down coax design featuring a large diameter, pure copper deposit tubular outer conducting path for signal, micro-cellular foamed PE dielectric with a bonded high conductance, low magnitude aluminum shield. If you are looking for an audio, analog or digital, coaxial interconnect that really will improve the fidelity of your system and don’t need fancy hi-fi salesmanship, slick packaging, or foo dust the Oxyfuel is your cable. Yes, it is stiff, but you can bend it into position without risk of harming performance or durability.

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