Mission Power Cable - 4'

Mission Power Cable - 4'

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Demo Mission Mk.II 4’ power cable terminated with standard Marinco connectors.

Zu Mission-Power Mk.II builds upon its legendary predecessor [Mk.I] by significantly increasing immunity to electromagnetic interference and static. This is accomplished through the addition of state-of-the-art nano-engineered high conductance carbon shielding.

Mission-Power Mk.II performs, has a very supple hand and is built to last a lifetime. With Mission-Power’s increased immunity to RF and static the user will experience improved resolution and overall system ease. It’s a high conductance balanced AC mains power cable designed around Tesla/Litz/Zu E&M models. Mission-Power is a universal audio AC mains cable and will work well for with most all audio equipment: high current amplifiers, DACs, A/Ds, master clocks, phono stages, desktop mixers and consoles, players, preamplifiers, mic preamps, streamers, signal processors and the like.

The very high magnitude/high conductance magnetic and electric shield addition safeguards your gear, cable, wireless signals and your AC power from being corrupted by electromagnetic interferences. Mission-Power will not radiate nor let in electromagnetic interference.

Want to know if the Zu Mission-Power AC mains cable will improve the sound of your system? Our 60-day satisfaction guarantee makes in-home trial dead easy—and we pay return shipping if for any reason you are not completely happy.

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