Mission Mk. I RCA - 2.5m

Mission Mk. I RCA - 2.5m

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Demo set of Mission Mk.1, 2.5m (8’) RCA>RCA

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Zu Mission RCA is specifically designed for two-channel stereo, line-level analog single-ended transmission. It's a combination of Zu and W.L. Gore® two-channel transmission technologies (stereo quadrupole) wrapped in regulated shielding and manufactured to precision.

Zu Mission RCA interconnecting cables are all about affordablity and maximum hi-fi value yet challenge the state-of-the-art in performance and build quality. Mission cable improves the sound of your system by lowering noise, reactivity, resistance and the vitiating differences between left/right channels; technical design points that bring about impressive bottom to top transient and tonal resolution improvements, reduced signal degeneration from electromagnetic interferences which clearly improve stereophonic realism, and lower noise for greater scale and space.

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