Mission Mk. I - 1.5m

Mission Mk. I - 1.5m

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Mission Mk.1 1.5m [5’]. Demo cable, excellent condition.

Zu Mission RCA interconnecting cables are all about maximum hi-fi value and are designed to challenge the state-of-the-art but at reasonable prices.

Zu Mission RCA line-level analog interconnect cables will improve the sound of your system by lowering noise and improving top to bottom transient and tonal resolution, with the biggest area of improvement is in stereophonic imaging—few if any other cable will be as convincing as Zu Mission RCA for stereophonic magic, all save Zu Event that is.

Mission RCA is specifically designed for two-channel stereo, line-level single-ended transmission. It combines Zu and W.L. Gore® two-channel transmission technologies and marries it with cutting edge manufacturing and regulated shielding; the result is a two-channel stereo cable that is virtually immune to RF and will remove more noise from your system than any other brand of cable.

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