Event XLR - 1m

Event XLR - 1m

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Event XLR 1.0m [3.3’]. Demo cables, excellent condition. 2 sets available at time of listing.

Event-XLR Mk.II is our best balanced line-level cable and yes it’s special. We feel strongly that it defines the apex of value in high-end balanced audio interconnects. They are special in performance and they spectacular in measures: super low reactance, ultra fast propagation velocity, massively wide bandwidth, near perfect RF immunity, and the tightest left/right channel tolerances in the business.

If Event-XLR Mk.II does not improve the sound of your system, sell your system.

Hear your music again for the first time... hear things you’ve never heard before... more life-like, making your system even better than real life.... Seriously though, Event-XLR Mk.II really performs and if you’re in the market for top-shelf interconnects you really should put these new Mk.II Event-XLR cables on your list—we back ‘em up with our no-hassle 60-days satisfaction guarantee so you can try ‘em, with your own gear, with your music and without sales pressure so you can know for yourself.

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