Event Mk. II LC

Event Mk. II LC

819.00 1,025.00

Demo Set of Event Mk.II LC - 1.5m pair - Terminated 5/16” (amp) to ZuB3/SpeakOn (speaker).

Event Loudspeaker Cable Mark-Two [Event-LC Mk.II]

Event-LC Mk.II represents a significant step forward in performance, a loudspeaker cable that comfortably competes at the highest level of the performance spectrum—despite its less than insane price. Beta testers and early adopters have been overwhelmingly positive about this new cable:

“The Event LC Mk.II cables are still improving after about a month of continuous use (e.g., similar to my experience with Zu Ibis which didn’t come into their own until 1,000+ hours). The Event LC IIs are the best cables I’ve ever heard, sounding neutral, dynamic, transparent with realistic depth and sound staging. They really let the music come through in an effortless manner.” —Archie Simons

“Spectacular resolution of detail (bass through treble and not just treble) and it allows tone uninhibited! I love this new loudspeaker cable.” —Sean Casey (Designer and owner of Zu, but also a pretty heavy user—of course.)

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