DefHead Center

DefHead Center

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One only. FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous US! New and blew-free. Finish is Ferrari red and hand cut and polished to a mirror quality.

The Zu DefHead Center, designed to match up with the DefHead. It is built to the same level as Definition, essentially the top half of the Definition loudspeaker, thus the name Def-Head.

  • 101dB-SPL 1W@1m

  • 8 Ohm

  • 200W max input

  • 50–20kHz bandwidth

  • 5-way input posts plus ZuB3

  • 32 x 12.75 x 12.75” HWD

As you can see in the photos, finish is high gloss Ferrari red and they are like new and completely scratch and ding free. DefHead Center uses the Radian-850 based tweeter as a stressed member of the cabinet to dramatically reduce cabinet noise and feedback.

  • 2x Zu103NDG1-16 high output full-range drivers.

  • 1x Zu/Radian 850 tweeter assembly.

  • Event internal cable harness.

  • ClarityCap MR based high-pass network on tweeter.

  • Comp60 composite wood core with QuietCoat rubber substrate.

  • Premium opencell polyurethane internal acoustic damping.

If you have a need for a speaker this size, we think you will be hard pressed to do better than DefHead. Please call or write us if you have any questions—we’re here to help and we love what we do.

800-516-8925 (toll free, and yes real humans pickup—try it and see)
801-627-1040 (international)
Skype: zuaudio

FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous US!

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