BOK Power - 2.0m

BOK Power - 2.0m

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Also from Gerrit Koer’s stash. Very good condition (8/10) with handling marks only on the logo. Non-smoker. Photos are of the exact cable.

6.6ft [2.0m] cable.

Bok Datasheet & Ad Copy PDF Here

Bok AC mains power cables are designed as a universal needs, balanced high performance mains cable for use on all pro audio and home audio equipment. And though it looks small-ish in diameter, Bok is a very high conductance (#11 gauge high/#11 gauge low, #9 gauge Earth) design.

Bok power cables are fully compliant with all major national and international standards: UL, IEEE, CSA, CE, BSI, JET.


There are many variables relative to power and the user should know that there are many cases were a power cable will not improve system fidelity. Variables include: equipment power supply, gear grounding, system ground noise and potentials, environment RF/above ground potentials, AC grid, local grounding, and on it goes. Nevertheless, if the power cable does a good job of shunting noise to ground and has good properties of conductance, capacitance and inductance, which Bok does, it should sound good. Improvements that are very likely to be noticed from this well built and engineered power cable include: resolution, reduced system noise, better harmonic structure and timbre, attack, stereophonic realism and an overall more relaxed, these things at Easy, sense (who could have guessed, John Lydon,

Bill Laswell and Steve Vai—and under rated Album).

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