Event Mk.I Loudspeaker Cable Pair - 1.0m

Event Mk.I Loudspeaker Cable Pair - 1.0m

399.00 700.00

Trade in - Event Mk.1 loudspeaker cable pair - 1.0m. Terminated with Banana (amp) to 4 pole SpeakOn. Note: THIS PARTICULAR SPEAKON CONNECTOR IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY ZU LOUDSPEAKER.

If the speaker end needs to be re-terminated with banana, 1/4” standard spade, or 5/16” oversized spade connectors it will be a $40 upcharge.

  • $10 flat-rate shipping within the contiguous United States.

  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and FREE return shipping.

  • Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Event-LC Mk.I represents a significant step forward in performance, a loudspeaker cable that comfortably competes at the highest level of the performance spectrum—despite its less than insane price.

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