[Add] ClarityCap MR Upgrade

[Add] ClarityCap MR Upgrade


This is the only upgrade offered for Omen DW. One set of ClarityCap MR Capacitor Upgrade covers both speakers, no need to order two.

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The filter on the tweeter of the Omen Dirty Weekend Mk.II is a simple monopole - a single capacitor. The stock capacitor used is a decent polypropylene ERSE Pulse-X. Upgrading from this to the ClarityCap MR makes a nice, easy to notice difference, increasing the resolution of the treble while simultaneously making the sound more wholistic - relaxed, smooth, comfortably more vibrant and realistic. This upgrade is done at the factory and will delay shipment several weeks.

NOTE: this option is also available in our UPGRADE/DIY section and can be ordered anytime and installed in-home by anyone comfortable with basic screwdriver-level DIY skills.