California Audio Show / SF

Last week we were at the California Audio Show (San Francisco, the airport not really the city). A great show hosted by Dagogo. Fun show, busy room, made some new friends, introduced a lot of new music and some gear. We showed for the first time our new Druid Mk.V speaker and the Submission subwoofer. We also introduced the Soul Supreme which made it into Nelson Pass' hands after the show. Next stop is RMAF in Denver this October, well if you don't count the two house parties, one in Long Beach the other in Woodland Hills.

So what's a Zu hi-fi demo like at an organized show? It's a fusion of a low-key house party with live DJ with the most all-over-the-map music selection you've ever experienced—just open your mind, lower your walls and enjoy. We keep it sincere in the Zu room, not much hype or dog-n-pony, with a whole bunch of personally owned music (don't steal music) ribboned with fun dialog and interesting sights.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, we also debuted Dane. He loved it. 

Thanks to everyone that hung out with us, and a big thanks to Dagogo for putting on this show! 

More on how to run a solid demo here.   

Room full of new customers. Playing Dawes, or was it Metal Box/Second Edition....