Introducing Soul Superfly Mk.I-B

The most important element of a loudspeaker is the driver—the round part that vibrates and turns electric power into sound. And when a loudspeaker is build around a full-range driver like ours it makes the driver all that much more critical. Soul Superfly Mk.I-B has one very big difference over it’s predecessor, it features the Dominance developed nanotech high-output driver. There are no other changes but the difference is pretty huge—more resolution of bass, mids and treble, more resolution of tone and texture, and better dynamic handling of complex music.


Soul Superfly Mk.I-B can be identified by two main features:

  • the revision Mk.I-B nameplate on the back of the speaker
  • and the engraved model number in the full-range driver

And yes, owners of older Soul Superfly loudspeakers can update them to full Mark One Bee status with a simple full-range driver swap out. (email for details)

Soul Superfly is our single-minded response to the needs of users of amplifiers that benefit from high-impedance 16 ohm speakers. That list of amps includes most vintage amps, and any modern amp that is, or can be optimized for a 16 ohm loudspeaker—single-ended triode (SET) vacuum tube amps, output-transformerless (OTL) vacuum tube amps, some solid-state like some of the First Watt models, and even many of the mid-fi Japanese receivers. Our design target from the outset was focused on extracting every last bit of tone and texture of such amps while getting even better power and definition out of the system. So why a 16 ohm loudspeaker in todays market? Because there are still hundreds of amp models being made today that will sound their best on a speaker that presents an easy-going 16 ohm load.