Zu / Devialet / Penna @ Budapest

Ferenc demos the Zu + Devialet rig in Budapest

Yes, that's a pair of Omen Def being fed by a Devialet D—Premier integrate wireless do-it-all. The two Devialet D—Premiers you see in the photo were being showing using a wifi interface, a prerelease demonstration. A big thanks to Penna and Ferenc for once again doing a standout presentation in Budapest.

Peter Denko demonstrates Zu Omen Definition and monobloc Devialet D—Premier with wifi interface.

Peter Denko demonstrates Zu Omen Definition and monobloc Devialet D—Premier with wifi interface.

Check out Penna's show photos here:


Ferenc and I have worked together for many years, since 1996, and I'm here to tell you there are few in this world as versed in all the audio arts of Ferenc Koscso, so it came as no surprise to see that Ferenc and Penna Media not only embraced Devialet but are exploring every aspect of this exciting new companies tech. Here's what he had to say on the show, sound and system configuration:

Sean, to be honest I really like this combination, and very difficult to imagine anything can be better for my taste :) Your taste can be different :)
Yes, it is somehow very suprising how well the Omen Definition working with the Devialet. I think it is your most compatible speaker yet, it works very well, with anything I have tried with it be it very cheap (Dayens Ampino, Parasound zAmp) or very expensive like Ear-Yoshino dual 100W tube monoblocks, but at least for me it sounds extremely honest and enjoyable with the Devialet even with bad recordings. It is really difficult to imagine that the Definition Mk IV could be much better, but I am sure it could be. :)
The wifi via Devialet is an App which grabs the audio as data and send it to the wifi receiver card in the Devialet as data. But it is not yet public. It works extremely well, we had a chance to test our own 192k master recordings through USB2 to AES to the Devialet and a 44k downconverted version of the same 192k version through wifi, and everybody preferred the wifi by a large margin. Even the two engineers who did the actual recording. 
Everybody was really satisfied with the Omen Def sound in this dual mono config.
Devialet info on the wifi here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rsn1ZZP7IFE
Anyway here is a link of the performance of Mr Sebestyen, our favorite violin player, with whom we made our first cd: http://youtu.be/XcKDZv-KZcA?hd=1
One of our friend has made panorama photo on the hifi show, just a minute after the show opened. http://miklos.ranky.hu/d-1-h5/d-1-h5-out.html
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