Soul Superfly Review | Hi-Fi Reader

The Hi-Fi Reader #14 Zu’s Soul Superfly Loudspeaker

May 2011 

By Thad Aerts

Reprinted with permission. ©2011 Thad Aerts

The Soul Superfly is a success for Zu in every regard. At $3,000, they are an incredibly revealing speaker that ultimately may be hindrance. The folks who are going to jump all over the Superfly’s because of their low price will probably sell them short because they won’t necessarily have the level of refinement in their amps that Soul’s offer. Given that observation, I’ll reiterate, unless you have the funds to explore all the exotic, boutique-y tube amps out there, go with a solid vintage tube amp with 16ohm taps to pair with the Soul’s. The Zu website has a list of amps they also recommend and got favorable results from when designing the Soul’s. This would be worth exploring as well. They even have a receiver or two on the list. WTF?!?!?!  The Superfly’s won’t be for everyone – and that is true of all loudspeakers. However, they could play all types of music that I threw at them and did so with ease and at high SPL’s. No matter your musical preference, the Soul’s will satisfy. So, assuming you have an amp that compliments theSoul, the Zu Soul Superfly comes highly, highly recommended. It is a true high-end speaker at a fraction of the price typically attached to this level of performance. Get after it.