6moons Features Essence Speaker and Zu power cords in Blue Moon Amp Showdown

By Sean Casey

When Frederic Beudot compared four Blue Moon award-winning amplifiers for 6moons, he used our Mother and Bok cords and a set of Essence speakers for each audition. Frederic gave the speakers a special shout out, saying, “It does take a very special speaker to be able to operate with amplifiers from 2 to 250 watts.” He also acknowledged our speakers’ “legendary tonal density”. While you can't see it know we are grinning from ear to ear.

So what was the verdict? While people usually rely on reviews for absolute winners, there weren’t any in this showdown. Ultimately, the “best” amp of this group depends on your taste, equipment and the type of music you listen to, and Beudot believes that in their respective categories and price ranges each one of the amps reviewed is among the best. But the lack of a clear front-runner doesn’t make this review any less interesting to read, check it out at 6moons.
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