Munich show day 2

Day 2 was open to the public and they showed up in droves.  Rooms and hallways were pretty much full the entire time.


We did some tuning to the set up and improved the imaging quite a bit.  We're getting really good sound and a lot of over the top comments, one specifically from a musician who brought in his own music and commented that it was the first time he's ever heard his instruments sound like they do when he plays.  That sentiment has been repeated a lot of times over the last couple of days and I would say that is what really has set us apart at the show.  Pretty much every other room you go in you hear hifi, when you come into our room you hear music.  The Essence is also far less polarizing so the positives have been overwhelming if not unanimous.


The Munich show seems extremely friendly and accommodating for both the exhibitors and the attendees.