Who Fans, Get Lifehouse Chronicles

(Sean's Post)

It was just after the whole "Y2K! the computers will crash and the world will end" crazyness, Zu was just getting off the ground and my close friend Jim Doxey sends me Pete's Lifehouse Chronicles. I listened straight through, most of the night, transported and enlightened—and those difficult to approach Who songs have never been casually played since. And here we are again "the global economy is busted, the world is going to end." So before the Pound, Dollar, and Euro fade away, (...hope I die before I get old) buy and experience this recording.


I was born in 1970, and thanks to the influence of my buddy's older brother, I had the good fortune of growing up with some great '70s rock. I got tuned in just post Dylan, Beetles and Doors, but just in time to relate to bands like Zeppelin, The Who, BOC, Sabbath, Sex Pistols, Yes, Rush.... Yeah, I was prepubescent, but I could feel what they were layin' down—new sounds, expressions and themes. Brilliant music and the foundation of my audio reason for being.

Sometime in the '90s Pete from The Who was being interviewed, for classic rock radio. I was dumbstruck when he said "kids in the UK these days don't even know our music, or even know who The Who was." I simply couldn't believe it.

CES 2009, I'm the stand-in DJ when Ron needed to step out. I had a copy of Pete Townshend's Lifehouse Elements album, the single CD abridgment of the 6 CD Lifehouse Chronicles. Out of a dozen-plus people I played the orchestral variation of Baba O'Riley for, only one had heard of this epic fulfillment of Tommy, and nearly all these guys were in high school or college when Pete, Keith, Roger, and John, were everywhere. Dumbstruck deja vu. So here I am, taking a bit of personal responsibility to save our planet—consider owning and cueing up this album/play/vision. Yeah, I think Pete's a genius, a visionary (never mind his personal vices). Here are some links for more info, the last is where you buy the thing.